For many years, we here at Morecambe and Wize have been the largest, fastest growing Volkswagen company within the UK. With our unique Options Program and build to order Campervans reaching many countries Worldwide, we took it upon ourselves to offer our customers, and now the public, something else unique…

Our very own Classic Volkswagen extended Warranty!

We like offering firsts to the market, and this brand new product doesn’t escape that ethos..Not available anywhere else on the market today, this Extended Warranty product is available to all those owning a Classic Volkswagen between the years 1953 and 1978, within the UK.

Lets face it, with the escalating prices of Classic Volkswagens, it’s likely to be the 2nd largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime! So why leave it without mechanical breakdown protection? Take out an extended warranty with us, and we aim to give you complete protection if your Volkswagen breaks down.

No ties, no tricks, nothing complicated… Purchase today, and be apart of something special..!

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