We’ve tried to make it as simple, and as friendly as possible! Upon purchasing your Morecambe and Wize Warranty, you’ll receive our welcome pack with a full Policy booklet containing all of the T&C’s.
Not only that – if you don’t like what you receive ; we offer all purchasers a 14 day money back guarantee!!



The Mechanical warranty period is :

Twelve months and not more than 6,000 miles preceding your Warranty Level 1 purchase.

Twenty four months and not more than 12,000 miles proceeding your Warranty Level 2 purchase.

Thirty six months and not more than 18,000 miles and proceeding your Warranty Level 3 purchase.

Your Warranty will come into force fourteen days from date of purchase.

The maximum single claim limit is £500 ( exclusive of vat), due to the unforeseen and or unexpected failure of mechanical parts listed as components covered.

A £50 excess does apply on each claim occasion.

The maximum number of claims covered within any given twelve month period is three.



  • Engine

All internal components of the engine are covered, subject to it having been used properly, and without neglect. The engine carries a unique Unlimited mileage, twelve months warranty from date of the vehicles collection.

  • Fuel

Fuel pump ( mechanical or electrical ), Carburetor. ( Excluding: Breakdown as a result of contamination, or failure to meet factory fuel standards )

  1. Manual Gearbox

Gears and Gear clusters, internal selectors and shafts, synchromesh assemblies, bushes, ball and roller bearings, needle bearings, transfer gears.

  • Clutch ( Parts only )

Release thrust bearing, friction plate, pressure plate

  • Drivetrain

Drive Shafts, universal joints and couplings, front and rear wheel bearings.

  • Steering and suspension

Steering box, shock absorbers, track Rods, steering Damper.

  • Braking

Master Cylinder, Wheel Cylinders, Calipers, Brake Servo.

  • Electrical

Alternator, voltage regulator, coil, starter motor ( including pre-engaged solenoid ), Indicator and headlight relays, front windscreen wiper motor, front windscreen washer motor, horn.

  • Casings

Damage to casings caused by the failure of a covered Component will constitute part of the total claim within insurance limits.

  • Working Materials

Should any authorised repair to any of the above components require essential replacement of, topping up of lubricants, oils, coolant or replacement of the oil filter, these shall be covered as part of the total claim within the insurance limits.

Warranty Pricing


  1. The first £50 of any claim.
  2. Components other than those specifically listed as components covered.
  3. General servicing and maintenance, the adjustment or cleaning of components, wear and tear, or faults caused by lack of maintenance, neglect or improper use of the vehicle, poor workmanship or the diagnosis charges except where these form part of a valid claim which we accept.
  4. Consequential damage or loss of any nature resulting from the failure of a component.
  5. Your vehicle, if it is used for Hire or Reward, or If it is used in any sort of race/rally or other competition.
  6. ANY repairs not authorised by us prior to the work being carried out. Retrospective claims will be considered but authorisation lies with Morecambe and Wize Sales LTD.
  7. Costs in excess of the equivalent specialist rate, of £40+VAT per hour, or timescales due to the vehicles location.
  8. If your vehicle has been modified, the modified parts will not be covered as part of this warranty.
  9. Labour costs associated with Clutch repair ( for Clutch Components covered by this policy )
  10. Damage caused by overheating, freezing, corrosion or the intrusion of harmful substances ( for example the ingress of water), use of an incorrect grade of fuel or oil, or lack of lubrication or servicing.
  11. Improper use of the vehicle, neglect or abuse of any kind, or drive on damage after a fault has occurred.
  12. Failure to maintain the vehicle in line with recommended servicing


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